The North London Barmy Army, aka the NLBA was formed in February 1995 by Paul Cartwright (Carts) and gained it’s name from “Ma Carts” (R.I.P.) Cart’s Mum. It all started with one vehicle. One would expect Cart’s to start small, but No. It was an AMS Stalwart. It had six large wheels, a 6-1/2-litre Rolls Royce petrol engine guzzling approximatly 1 gallon every 3 miles. In it’s military life it would have been fully amphibious. Not what you would call starting at the bottom and working your way up!

The interest this vehicle caused with friends and the public was amazing. So one vehicle wasn’t enough, and soon Carts was buying more and more. Then the friends at the time started buying vehicles and over the years the number of friends and vehicles steadily increased.


It soon became more than friends playing with big boys toys, as the name became well known invites to local shows and charity functions came rolling in. The friends had to get organised. A membership system was introduced along with a commitee and the NLBA was born .The club now has become worldwide, members are mostly in the UK, but also in Cyprus, France, Norway and Belgium. Vehicles include a 1946 Para Bike, Old & Current Military Police Motorcycles, FV433 Abbots, FV432 APC’s, Landrovers, Russian Zils, French Berliet Trucks, French Griffet Cranes, Millitary Ambulances, Heavy Scammell and Foden Trucks, and Tanks from Scorpions to Chieftans.
Members are of all ages with the eldest in their 70’s

As a club we help Schools, Museums, Veterans Associations, Mount Vernon cancer reseach and many other charities to raise funds by attending their functions. Regular events include Annual pilgrimages with Veterans to Normandy and Royal Chelsea Hospital visits to meet the Pensioners. All with the idea to have fun, help others, rise money and most of all play with the vehicles.